Thursday 2 March 2017

JIT ENTERPRISE - 9825599800



PLOT NO. 638, G.I.D.C, PHASE-2, DARED, Jamnagar - 361004

Mr. Jiten Shah (Proprietor)




53 Digivijay Plot, Jamnagar - 361005

Aluminum Components

Aluminum Washers

Aluminium Flange

Aluminium Lug

Aluminum Block

Aluminum Casting

Aluminium Spacers

Aluminum Bar

Aluminium Nuts

Aluminium Rivets

Aluminium Screws

Aluminium Blots

Steel Casting

Aluminium Terminal

Brass Anchor

Anchoring Systems

Spring Anchors

Plain Anchors

Wood Anchors

Anchor With Thread

Drop Anchor

Sleeve Anchor

Pool Anchor

Round Stud Anchors

Pool Cover Anchors

Concrete Anchors

Slotted Anchors

Knurling Anchors

Brass Auto Components

Fuel Nozzle

Automobile Set Screw

Brass Molding Inserts

Brass Hoses

Brass Valve Parts

Auto Parts

Brass Auto Cap

Brass Terminal

Battery Terminal

Brass Bushing

Brass Oil Nut

Brass Zead

Brass Dome Nut

Sheet Cutting Parts

Brass Compression Fittings

Branch Tee

Elbow Connector

Elbow Union




Male Branch Tee

Male Connector

Male Elbow Connector

Female Connector

Female Elbow Connector

Tee Union

Brass Sleeve

Female Cross

Hex Nipple

Long Nipple

Square Pipe Plug

Female Coupling

Hex Pipe Plug

Reducing Nipple

Hex Reducing Coupling

Female Pipe Tee

Hex Socket

Reducer Bush

Female Run Tee

Brass / Copper Parts for Capacitors

Copper Bus Bars

Motor Run Capacitors

Capacitors With Sheet Metal Connectors

Capacitors With Over-Moulded Connectors

Capacitors With Threaded Connectors

Deep Drawn Connectors

Aluminium Casings For Capacitors

Brass Earthing Accessories

Brass Earthing Terminal

Brass Earth Block

Brass Rod to Tape Clamp

Brass Rod to Cable Clamp

Brass Square Tape Clamp

Brass Electrical Components

Brass Clamps


Earth Block

PCB Terminals



Electrical Switches

HRS Fuse Connectors

Panel Board Accessories

Pin Terminals

Plug Pins


Socket Pins

Test Bond

Brass Electronics Components






Integrated Circuits



Power Cord

Audio/Video Cable

Power Slide Switch

Galvanized Wire

Pulse Transformer

Button Cell Battery


Ceramic Capacitor




LCD Panel

LED Backlight

Light Emitting Diode

Remote Control Device


Speaker Jack

PVC Coated Wire And Cable

Flash Modules

Power Adapter

Wireless Module And Zinc Oxide Varistor

Brass Engineering Components

Brass Machined Parts

CNC Machined Brass Parts

Drop Forged Hand Tools

Helical Springs

Brass Nozzles Hose Nozzles

Stainless Steel Washers

Brass Eye Bolts

Eye Bolts Components

Collared Eye Bolts

Copper Eye Bolts

Brass Split Bolts

Anchor Bolts

Foundation Bolts

Hsfg Bolts

Tower Bolts

Foundation Bolts

Flange Bolts

Hook Bolts

Long Series Bolts

Lock Bolts

Coach Bolts

Brass Fitting Eye Bolts

Brass Carriage Bolts

Brass Machine Bolts

Brass Fasteners Hex Bolts

Flat Square Neck Bolt

Brass Hex Bolts

Brass Forging Components

Round forged parts

Hex forged parts

Flat forged parts

Long forged parts

Non-Ferrous forging parts

Brass forged parts

Brass forged components

Brass forging components

Brass forging parts

Brass valve body forged parts

Brass flange forged parts

Brass Gas Fittings

Male – Female Elbow

Flare Female Elbow

Single Barb Elbow

Flare Male Elbow

Gas Fitting Connectors

Barb T – 3 way

Compressor Female Elbow

Compressor Male Brand -T

Flare Equal Elbow

Gas Fittings Plug

Compressor Male elbow

Equal T

Compressor Union T

Force Barb – T

Brass Knurling Inserts

Straight Knurling Insert

Dimond Knurling Insert

Round Knurling Insert

Hexagnol Knurling Insert

Brass Medical Components & Accessories

Medical Components

Brass Surgical Components

LPG Cylinder Components


Needle Hubs


Tubing Connectors

Brass Molding Inserts

Straight Knurling Insert

Dimond Knurling Insert

Round Knurling Insert

Hexagnol Knurling Insert

Brass Straight Knurling PPR Insert

Brass Cross Knurling PPR Insert

Male Insert

Female Insert

Tapper Insert

Open – Close Hole Insert

Brass Male PPR Insert

Brass Female PPR Insertt

Brass Hex PPR Insert

Brass and MS Fastener




Dome Nut

Round Nut

Flat Nut

Half & Full Threading Bolt

Tapper Threading Bolt

Square Head Bolts

Hex Bolts

Eye Bolts

Anchor Bolts

U Bolts

Hex Nuts

Castle Nuts

Flange Nuts

Square Nuts

Lock Nuts

Brass Neutral Links – Bars

PCB Terminal Block

Brass Terminal for PCB Switch

Brass Terminal for MCB Switch

Brass Terminal for Electric Connector

Brass Pins & Sockets

Brass Neutral Link

Electrical Switch Contact


Stapes contact


Ceiling contact

Socket, TC

Hex part

Plunger pin

Hollow pin

Electrical Socket Pins

Copper Terminals

Switch and Socket Boxes


Electrical Socket Pins

Switch and Socket Boxes

Industrial Male Contact Pin

Industrial Female(Socket) Contact Pin

5 AMP, 10 AMP, 13 AMP and 15 AMP Plug Pin

Solid, Hollow, Knurled, Crimped etc. Plug Pin

Brass Pool Anchor

Pool Safety Cover Anchors

Brass Pool Cover Anchors

Pool Cover Springs

Brass Anchor Collar

Brass Switchgear Part

Brass Electrical Switchgear Terminal

Brass Electrical Switchgear Rivets

Brass HRC Fuse Components

Brass Threaded inserts

Straight Knurling Insert

Dimond Knurling Insert

Round Knurling Insert

Hexagnol Knurling Insert

Brass Straight Knurling PPR Insert

Brass Cross Knurling PPR Insert

Male Insert

Female Insert

Tapper Insert

Open – Close Hole Insert

Brass Male PPR Insert

Brass Female PPR Insert

Brass Hex PPR Insert

Brass Union

Brass Elbow Union

Brass Union Assembly

Brass Elbow Union Assembly

Brass Tee Union Assembly

Brass Water Connector

Water Connector

Plumbing Fittings

Hose Connector

Water Pipe Fittings

Water Hose Connector

Faucet Connector

Plumbing Pipe

Water Pipe Connectors

Water Line Fittings

Water Heater Connector

Water Heater Fittings

Water Tank Fittings

Tube Connectors

PVC Water Tank Connectors

Compression Nuts

Gun Metal Water Tank Connectors

Plastic Hose Connectors

Nickel Plated Connector

Copper Components

Copper Rod

Copper Nuggets

Copper Components

Copper Anode

Oxygen Free Copper

High Conductivity Copper

Etp Copper

General Brass Components

Brass Screws

Brass Bolts

Brass Fasteners

Brass Fitting

Brass Screw

Brass Washer

Brass Anchor

Brass Nuts

Brass Inserts

Knurling Insert

Forging Parts

Electrical Parts

High Precision Brass Components

Admiralty Brass

Brass Connector

Brass CPVC Fittings

Brass Female Pin

Brass Gas Components

Brass Gas Fittings

Brass Lamp Parts

Brass Nipples

Brass Ring Washer

Brass Rings

Brass Strips

Conduit Bushing

Oval External Bend

Precision Brass Turned Parts

Precision Levels

Precision Press Parts

Sheet Metal Components

Brass Copper Stainless Steel Washers

Pressings Pressed parts

Sheet Metal Brass Parts

Pressings Copper SS Pressed Parts

Pressed Parts Brass Washers

Copper Washers

Stainless Steel Washers

Stainless Steel Flat Washers

Sheet Metal Brass Parts Components

Split Bolt Connector / Line Taps

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